Winner Audience Award of

Festival dei Popoli




LAS HERMANAS DE ROCINANTE won the Audience Award in the category International Competition at Festival dei Popoli in Florence! What a gift from this amazingly attentive audience. Thank you for the recognition, it means a lot to us!

International Premiere at 60th Festival dei Popoli, Florence




Today LAS HERMANAS DE ROCINANTE celebrated its International and Italian Premiere as a part of Festival dei Popoli's International Competition. We are grateful for all the interested visitors and their questions, for the support and the warm atmosphere of the festival!


The attending team: editor Ylena Busolli, director Alexandra Kaufmann, protagonist Lois Ford, producer Sonja Kilbertus and protagonist Pepita Mahiques


In the upcoming 2 weeks after the festival LAS HERMANAS DE ROCINANTE can be exclusively screened on Vimeo on Demand.


Photos of Worldpremiere at 34th DOK.fest Munich



Have a look at the official pictures taken by the DOK.fest photographer.


Thank you all for being there!


Film posters have arrived!



We are happy to announce that our posters are ready and we are very pleased with how beautiful and poetic they ready and it is beautiful! 


Thanks to Dreihorn Design who made it possible, we can't wait to see those posters hang around DOK.Fest and at other places soon!


If you're interested in getting one, we will be offering them at our World Premier at DOK.Fest on the 12th of May.


World Premiere at DOK.fest Munich



LAS HERMANAS DE ROCINANTE is selected for DOK.fest Munich and will have its world premiere in the international competition Our film is furthermore nominated for the FFF Documentary Talent Award and the Arri Amira Award.


Sunday, 12.05.2019, 17:00, HFF – Audimax -  world premiere

(in attendance of the main protagonists and crew)


Tuesday, 14.05.2019, 14:30, HFF – Audimax

(with Alexandra Kaufmann and Sonja Kilbertus)


Friday, 17.05.2019, 19:00, Filmmuseum

(with Alexandra Kaufmann and Sonja Kilbertus)


Sunday, 19.05.2019, 14:00, City 2


(with Alexandra Kaufmann and Sonja Kilbertus)

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